How to Send Flowers

Sending Flowers to Friends, Family and Anyone Else…

When sending a flower to people you love, there are a few things to think about. Either you are going to send the flowers yourself, or have a floral delivery service do it. Here is my take on the two categories:

Sending Flowers Yourself

  • Make sure the flowers are really fresh. Some flowers ship better than others, for example tropical flowers such as anthirium, ginger, bird of paradise make the journey across the ocean very well whereas more delicate flowers would not. Another thing to consider is how they are packed in shipping. Protective packaging with a cooling agent is important to avoid bruised, damaged & dead flowers..none of which is what you want.

Having the Pros do it

  • If you decide sending flowers on your own is too much of a hassle, choose a good floral delivery service. There are many available on the internet and at your local flower shop. You will get more personal service from a floral shop. Pick a price range that is middle of the road..The less you pay, the less flowers you will get, conversely the more you pay the larger the arrangement. A reputable business such as FTD will always stand by its value and quality. If you are dissatisfied with the flowers you sent or received, contact the floral delivery service and ask for an adjustment.

Has anyone had any experience with reputable flower delivery services? Feel free to comment below.