Hyacinth care

Looking for information on how to care for my new hyacinth plant. I just bought at a local grocery store.  It smelled and looked beautiful, but after a few days is dying.

Hyacinth with butterfly

The fragrant blooms usually last 7-14 days. The longevity of  the bulb depends on how far along the plant was when you bought it.  If it was in full bloom chances are that it is done blooming and is on its way out.

When purchasing bulb plants, pick ones that show a slight color but not open, this will give you more time to enjoy the whole blooming process.
It is best to keep them in a cool place away from heat and  direct sunlight. The warmer the room the quicker it will bloom and die. Water when top 1″ of soil is dry.

How to rebloom a hyacinth 
Once the plant is done blooming you can either toss the bulb or try to save it for future bloom.

Here’s what you need to do:
Cut off the dead flower stalk and allow the foliage to continue to grow until it yellows and dies back naturally.  This will  replenish  the bulb with nutrients and energy for next year’s bloom.

Plant your hyacinth bulb outdoors when the soil can be worked and temperatures are above freezing . Pull out the entire root ball and plant it deep enough so the bulbs are 5-6 inches below the soil line. Choose a spot that does not get excessively wet in the summer or the bulb will rot.
Hyacinths like moist springs and dry summers.

*If the bulbs remain in the pot,  store them through the summer and plant the bulbs outdoors in the fall.
Forced bulbs drain much energy out of the bulb and should not be forced to bloom again; instead plant them outdoors in the ground, fertilize in the spring and with a little luck, they may rebloom in  2-3 years

-Flower heads bending over (drooping)  may be due to warm temperatures, low light or a watering problem.
-Forced bulbs can develop a shallow root system. Consequently when brought into a warm room, grow so fast that the flower head gets too      heavy for the stem to support it.
-Short stocky flower heads can be the result of not enough cooling time.

– Hyacinth bulb is considered poisonous and deer proof.