Saving Your Easter lily


The blossoms on your Easter lily are starting to fade, you look at the plant and wonder now what. You don’t need to toss the plant. It can be saved to rebloom again year after year in the garden.

Easter lily after bloom

To rebloom your Easter lily

After the last flower has withered, cut it off and allow the plant  to continue to grow. It is important to allow the leaves and stems die back so that they can replenish nutrients and energy needed for next year’s growth. When the leaves turn yellow/ brown, cut off the brown stems . You may get new growth starting from the bulb.

When the weather warms up and danger of frost has passed, plant your lily bulb directly into the garden or flower bed. Plant 6-8″ deep, in a well-drained, sunny location and water in. Lilies like their feet in the shade and heads in the sun.  Add about 2″ of mulch to conserve moisture and keep the weeds away.
It is unlikely that your lily will re-bloom this year but look for it in subsequent years to bloom in June-July.

Fertilize monthly
In spring, when the new shoots emerge start fertilizing with an 8-8-8 or use a slow release fertilizer until you see flower buds. Apply the fertilizer 3 inches away from the stem and water.
Deer love to munch on new emerging shoots and flower buds, so be sure to protect your plants.

Easter lilies grown in the cooler zones such as Northern Illinois are marginally hardy. It is recommended that they be planted 8 deep and heavily mulched over the winter, in case of a hard freeze. It’s worth the effort.

More info  on Easter lily care: