Easter lily care

How to pick an Easter lily

Originating from the mountains of  Taiwan, the potted Easter lily (Lilium longiflorum) is the popular traditional plant of the Easter season.  The white trumpet shaped flowers are a symbol of hope and renewed life.

Selecting an Easter lily

Look for a plant with dense, dark, shiny, green leaves along the entire stem of the plant. Choose buds that are just starting to open, as well as a few unopened ones. The staggered blooming times will add to your continued enjoyment.  Some people count the number of buds on the plant and of course, choose the one with the highest bud count.

Be wary of plants that look wilted, this may indicate root rot from too much water.

Plants with yellowing lower leaves can also indicate a problem.  Easter lily


When you bring your lily home, place it in bright, indirect light at temperatures of 60-65F degrees during the day and even cooler at night. Keep away from cold drafts or heating vents.


Lilies do not like their feet wet. Keep the soil moist and avoid over watering which can encourage root rot. When watering, remove the decorative cover (if necessary) to allow any excess water to drain from the bottom of the pot.

Remove pollen

As the flower buds open, carefully remove the anthers that contain yellow pollen.  This will help prolong the lifespan of the flowers and keep the pollen from “staining” the white flowers as well as your linens.  To maintain a fresh appearance, remove any withered flowers.

Enjoy your Easter lily for its beauty and fragrance.

When your lily is finished blooming, with a little know-how you can get it to bloom year after year.. see Saving your Easter Lily

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