Can lucky bamboo be propagated

Can Lucky Bamboo be propagated?  If so, how do I do this?

Yes, Lucky bamboo can be easily propagated.  A cut section of the stem will root in plain water, although natural spring or rain water is better. Cut through the stalk with a sharp knife 1″ below a node ( joint). Place the new cut section in water and roots should begin to grow in  2-4 weeks.  New leaf shoots (1 or 2 per stem) will eventually sprout from the joints.  I have tried this and it works.

Leaf shoot propagation
It can also be propagated from the leaf shoots. Break or cut off  a 4-6 inch  shoot from the stem and place it in water to root.  Once rooted plant it in soil and you will have a new leafy plant.  It takes a long time to grow the stem. First it starts out as a leafy plant and then as the plant matures and looses its lower leaves, it will produce the bamboo-like stem.


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