Estimating bloom time for stargazer lily

Bloom time for Oriental lilies

Timing Stargazer lilies to bloom on schedule for a special occassion can be difficult.  Here is a general rule of thumb you can follow:

Stargazer lilies are Oriental hybrid cultivars.  Start the bulbs at 55-60F for the first 1-2 weeks.  At this time roots and stems will beging to grow.  Once the lily emerges from the soil, increase the temperature to 65-68F. Start fertilizing and be sure to provide adequate light (16hrs per day) . From this point it takes 30 days to see a bud and another 45 days from visible bud to bloom. You have a 15 day ‘window of adjustment’ if the plant isn’t growing fast enough or too slow. To speed up raise the temperature and to slow down -lower the temps. Another source  recommends approximately 15 weeks at 65F  or 100-110 days of greenhouse days @65F. “Mona Lisa’ cultivar requires 13 weeks.