botrytis on geranium florets

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  1. Eleanor Movold
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    My geranium blooms turn brown very quickly and are not blooming like they were, as they had large pink blooms and lots of them.

    Hi Eleanor
    Your geranium may have Botrytis blight, caused by a fungus that is prevalent during wet and humid weather. It usually starts in the center of the flower head and causes premature fading and drying of the florets. In very humid weather you can get gray masses of spores(gray mold) . Botrytis can also infect the stems and petioles turning them brown to black. For longer bloom, I remove the dried browned florets from the center and leave the healthy florets.
    Avoid overhead spraying, water early and if you can move your plant into a protected area when it rains. Remove all diseased parts and provide good air circulation. A fungicide spray can help control this disease.

  2. Theresa
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    My geranium blooms die in the middle before the completely bloom. What can I do to prevent this?

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