Mini rose plant care

Miniature rose plant can be grown indoors for a limited time. They need high light and humidity to bloom well. Additional artificial lights and a moist pebble tray will help improve their growing requirements during the winter. They should be kept moist at all times but  not allowed to stand in water; drain any excess water so that roots won’t drown and rot. A cool spot (60-72F) with bright indirect sunlight will encourage reblooming. If the plant is actively growing feed it with a flowering houseplant fertilizer to encourage new blooms. Remove any withered blooms and yellowing leaves.

mini rose

Maintain your mini rose till spring time (cooler climate areas) then plant it in the ground when all danger of frost has passed. Plant it in a sunny location with at least 1/2 day sun and in well-drained, rich, organic soil. Prune the plant 5 inches from the ground, removing any dead canes and water in thoroughly.