Cascading Tomatoes

Cascading tomatoes- Make your own Topsy-Turvy

Here’s an innovative way to grow tomato plants. You need a hanging basket 10″ or larger. Make a hole in the middle at the bottom of the basket just large enough to insert a tomato plant . Once you have made this hole, insert your tomato plant thru the hole planting it upside down. The root ball is now inside the basket and the plant hangs out from the bottom. Fill your basket with potting soil and a time release fertilizer and hang it in a sunny spot. I’m going to hang mine on a shepherd’s hook in my flower bed, where there is lots of sun and perhaps another on my deck so that I can have easy access to tomatoes when I need them. I’m sure we can all get creative as to where to hang these baskets, just make sure that they have sturdy support. The plants can get heavy once they have tomatoes hanging on them. A smaller variety of tomato such as “Patio Princess” would work better than your large beefsteak varieties due to the weight of the tomatoes. You can also try this method with a 2 liter plastic soda bottle .

Dig out your empty hanging baskets from last year or recycle those 2 liter soda bottles and plant a tomato upside down. If you don’t have an empty hanging basket there are specially designed containers such as the Topsy Turvy now available on the internet .