Coaxing your pineapple to bloom

My mum has been growing a pineapple plant for about 2 yrs now and it gets more and more leaves, but as yet it has not sent up a flower, she is worried that she’ll never get a fruit. Is there anything we can do to aid it?
Pineapple plant flowering after 2 years from cutting.

Sometimes pineapple plants are stubborn and need to be coaxed into bloom.

Here’s how to get your pineapple to flower.

1.  Place the pineapple plant in a large clear plastic bag with a few ripe apples for a week. Loosely, seal the bag allowing for some air circulation and keep it in light shade (avoid direct sun).  The apples will release ethylene gas which will stimulate the plant into fruiting.

2. Another option is placing a small lump of calcium carbide (size of your little fingernail) into the center of your pineapple plant and pour a quarter cup of water over it. This will release acetylene gas which will force it to flower. Do this in the evening when temperatures are cooler. Calcium carbide can be bought in garden center, pharmacy or toy store.

After “coaxing the pineapple to bloom”,  you should see the start of a flower bud in the center of the plant within 6 weeks.  If not try again.

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