Potted bulbs

Potted bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths add a refreshing touch of Spring indoors during the winter months. With a little know-how they can be recycled to rebloom outdoors.

Here’s what to do when bulbs are done blooming

In order to utilize the bulbs for the next season, remove the dead flower heads. Keep the soil evenly moist and let the foliage continue to grow until it dies back naturally.  Never remove the leaves until they have completely turned yellow/brown and pull away.  This process will store up energy into the bulb for the next season’s bloom.

Check for healthy bulbs

Make sure that the bulbs are firm, free from soft spots and don’t have an unpleasant ordor. If they do they should be thrown out.

Replant bulbs outdoors

Saved bulbs can either be planted outdoors in the spring as soon as the weather permits or kept in the pot and planted in the fall. Plant your bulbs in a well-drained area as too much water during the summer season can rot your bulbs.

It can take forced tulips 2-3 years to rebloom outdoors.

-If you store any bulbs in the refrigerator keep them away from fruit and vegetables. The ethylene gas they emit will disfigure or abort the developing flower.

*Did you know tulip petals are edible. The flavor depends on the variety. The petals taste like sweet lettuce or baby peas, some have a cucumber texture and flavor. Before you eat make sure they are pesticide-free or organically grown .

More info…http://hortchat.com/info/forcing-spring-bulbs