Propagate hydrangea from cuttings

How can I propagate hydrangea?  How much of the stem do I cut to replant to make more plants. 

In early spring to early summer, take a 4-6 softwood cutting from new growth with a least 4 eyes (buds) or 2-3 sets of leaves. Avoid using cuttings with flowers. Remove the foliage from the bottom set of buds and the soft tip  and cut the top leaves in half. This helps reduce moisture loss through the leaves. Dip the cutting in rooting hormone and place it 2 deep in a soiless mix of perlite and peat moss. Give it a good soaking.

hydrangea-cutting  hydrangea-cutting1


Keep container in a shaded area at an ideal temperature of 70-75 and bottom heat of 59F (15C) to speed up rooting. To maintain or increase moisture/humidity place container in a plastic bag using a stick to make a mini greenhouse. Be sure that it doesn’t get too hot inside as that will cook the plant. Don’t keep it too wet, water when soil looks lighter and top inch is drying out. Your cutting should root in 3-5 weeks. Once rooted, transplant to a larger container and slowly  start to expose it to morning sun. If it becomes leggy, pinch it back to promote a bushier and fuller growth. Spring is the best time to do propagate hydrangea cuttings so that it will have enough time to develop a strong root system for the winter.