Gerbera daisy cut flower care

How do you properly cut Gerbera Daisies for flower arrangements? I do not want to damage or shock the plants I have All are beautiful at this time and full of flowers.


Cut the stem as close to the center of the plant as possible without cutting into the crown. Take cuttings early in the morning and place immediately in a clean container with tepid water. Add a floral perservative to the water and allow the flowers to drink for a few hours.

Gerbera daisies have a tendency to turn to the light (phototropic) so when hydrating Gerberas, suspend their heads in a grid wire mesh to keep the stems straight or wrap the stems in damp newspaper and stand them upright in a vase of water for several hours before use.

For longer life, change the water and recut the stems every 2-3 days .


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