What’s in bloom

July/August Bloom: Echinacea "Sombrero" Hot Coral


Echinacea “Sombrero” has a nice compact growth that produces bright shades of red to coral  flowers.The colors is almost iridescent in the sun. This lovely perennial attracts butterflies.

Plant in full sun and well-drained soil 18-22″ apart. The plants grows 22-24″ tall and once established is drought tolerant.  Hardy in zone 5 -9.

Something new:

I started this plant indoors  from a seed packet thinking it was a carnation. To my surprise it is an heirloom carnation poppy that grows 1-2 feet tall and produces 3-4 inch flowers that come in pink, red and salmon. 
Since its an heirloom I will save the seeds for next year.  It also self seeds readily.   

Heirloom poppy Papaver somniferum

Heirloom poppy
Papaver somniferum


 pink carnation poppy (717x1280) (2)