Brugmansia care

Brugmansia, Angel Trumpet is a large shrub or small tree with large, pendent trumpet shaped flowers. There are several varieties that range in color and growth habit but all are known for their exotic fragrance which intensifies in the evening. They are frost tender (zone 8 ) and prefer a warm to hot climate in protected sun.

Plant in a light, fertile, well- drained soil. Brugmansia is a fast grower and heavy feeder and needs to be fertilized regularly ( 2x per week) during the growing season. Provide lots of water to keep it in bloom all summer and fall. Since it blooms on new wood, it can be trimmed when growth becomes excessive or when you want to shape it as a dense round shrub or tree . It will take a month or more to resume blooming after pruning.


Winterover brugmansia
In cold climates, it is best to grow it in a container and move it indoors/greenhouse to a frost-free area during the winter. Place it in a south window and maintain it as a houseplant during this time watering once a week. You may get some leaf drop which is normal. The second option is to cut your brugmansia back and store it dormant in a cool (above 40F), dark place (basement, garage) watering monthly to keep the soil from totally drying out. The plant will defoliate completely during dormancy.

Prune in the spring after the last frost, when new growth appears and the plant is ready to go outside. Cut back to one or two buds.
No flowers
can be the result of low light, low fertilizer or excessive heat.

All parts of this plant are poisonous and not advisable to grow if you have small children or animals that eat plants.

 'Jimson weed' flower grows upwardSeed pod from Datura- Jimson weed

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