Florist Hydrangea

I have a beautiful potted hydrangea that I received from the florist but don’t know how to care for it. Can I plant it outdoors? Any suggestions??

pink potted hydrangea

Potted florist Hydrangea are grown in a controlled environment in the greenhouse to produce big, showy flowers. This forcing process produces weakened plants that may not survive outdoors. Because they are weak and not as hardy as the nursery cultivars, planting outdoors is not recommended . They can be grown in a container and kept outdoors in dappled shade during the summer months but need to be brought indoors in a frost-free place for the winter.

One of the biggest problems maintaining a florist hydrangea is watering. Don’t allow the soil to dried out. They like evenly moist soil but cannot tolerate wet feet. When the flowers droop and wilt, there is a tendency to water because the plant looks dry that’s why it is drooping. But, if the soil is still wet and flowers are drooping, then the soil is too wet and the roots are rotting.
When watering a hydrangea , remove the decorative cover, fill a saucer with water and let the plant stand in it for up to 45 min. then drain. Watering from the top is not recommended but can be done provided you drain the excess water.

Keep the plant in bright indirect light and temperatures of 50-60F degrees at night to prolong blooming . If you move it to bright light and the leaves start to “flag” (wilt) move the plant to a shadier spot. Florist hydrangeas are considered short-term gift plants to be enjoyed and discarded.