Endless Summer Hydrangea

‘Endless Summer ‘ Hydrangea is part of a small group of  hydrangea macrophylla that is known to be dependable for winter hardiness zone 4-9 (-25 to -30F) and repeat blooming.

It was discovered in St. Paul, Minnesotta, by Vern Black an employee of Bailey Nursery. After several years of trial testing, it was confirmed that wintered plants that died back to the ground still set buds and produced flowers the same season; proving that it bloomed on new as well as old wood. This is an unusual characteristic for H. macrophylla because it blooms only on old wood. The new plant was referred to as a remontant or everblooming hydrangea because it had the ability to form flower buds in the tips of new growth allowing repeat flowering throughout the growing season.
Endless Summer hydrangea

‘Endless Summer’ Bailmer grows to 3-5 feet high and wide and the color depends on the soil ph .
Since its introduction, similar cultivars of remontant Hydrangeas were discovered such as: ‘Penny Mac’, ‘All Summer Beauty’, ‘Blushing Bride’. ‘Dooley’, ‘David Ramsey’, ‘Decatur Blue’, ‘Mini Penny’, ‘Oak Hill’ and ‘Twist n Shout’. New and improved cultivars are constantly being tested and evaluated. Look for more varieties in the future.

Planting hydrangea & care

-Choose a location with morning sun and afternoon shade.
-Plant in moist, well-drained soil. Amend poor soils with organic material.
-Dig a hole 2x the size of the rootball, mix in compost/peat moss. Before planting check the roots are they white and healthy? Gently loosen the roots before placing in the ground and plant at the same soil level as grown in the container. Backfill the soil and be sure not to compact the soil. Water well to fill in any loose soil.
-Add 2 inches of mulch around the perimeter of the plants staying away from the center. This will keep the soil evenly moist and conserve moisture.
-Don’t plant under a tree as there will be competition for light and moisture.

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