How to dry hydrangea flowers

Blue Endless Summer Hydrangea combined with dried Hop vineHow to dry hydrangea flowers

The mophead type of flowerheads on hydrangea are ideal for use in dried flower arrangements. With a little know how, they can be easily dried and preserved.

Secret to preserving these gems.

Don’t pick freshly opened flowers. To dry hydrangea flowers successfully, timing is important.  Softly squeeze the flower and feel for a slight papery resistance, this usually happens about 6 weeks (Aug-Oct) after the flowers open or earlier if they are located in a sunny area. Cut the flowers with a stem and place in a vase and let dry. Hydrangea flowers will also dry naturally on the plant/shrub and can be picked in shades of colors as they age.

Another method is to cut the flowers place in a vase full of water and let the flower absorb all the water and then allow it to dry.

If you don’t need stems, cut the flower heads and place them on a flat surface in a warm, dry place. Keep the flower heads away from the sun or it will fade the color. Hydrangea flower heads can also be preserved in kitty litter.

Silica gel

dry flower heads away from sun

For long lasting  vivid color, dry hydrangea flower heads in silica gel for four days. Cut flowers early in the day. Place recently opened flowers in a tub with silica gel.  Leave the hydrangea heads for 4 days then remove and store until you are ready to design/decorate with them.