Propagating pineapple plants

How do you replant the shoots/suckers to make new pineapple plants?

pineapple shoot
Pineapple plants can produce one or more shoots (also refered to as suckers) at the base of the mother plant. To make new pineapple plants,  wait until the new shoots are 1/3-1/2 the size of the Mother pineapple plant or when they have developed a small rosette of leaves Shoots grow fastest when attached to the Mother plant.

To remove the shoot, cut it at the base with a serrated knife or shears. It may or may not have any roots.  Some sources suggest that it should not be removed until it has a root structure. Roots are better but don’t panic if there are none.

Plant the pineapple shoot in a pot of sandy well-drained soil.  The same way you plant a rooted pineapple crown. Roots should start to develop in about a month.  An established root system will take several months. Once new growth begins to show, start feeding with a well balanced fertilizer once a month or 1/2 strength twice a month.
If you have a large, healthy pineapple plant that has a shoot growing while fruit is still developing, you can leave the shoot attached to the mother plant. Once the mother plant is done with her fruiting cycle, the new shoot will produce additional smaller fruit in a shorter time.

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