Reblooming Kalanchoe

I have two types of kalanchoe house plants, have pruned them. Cannot get them to bloom! Have them in porous soil, bright afternoon west sunny window. I use a fertilizer that can be used each time.  I water.  HELP??

Kalanchoe are not always easy to rebloom.  Its natural blooming season is late fall to early spring.  Generally, they need long nights/short days to bloom which means 6 weeks of 14 hr nights and bright light during the day. Reblooming should start within 4 months after treatment.
They have been known to bloom at other times of the year.  Perhaps your Kalanchoes are not getting the light requirements they need.  In addition, you may be fertilizing the plant too much causing it to grow more leaves at the expense of flowering. When actively growing, Kalanchoe should be fed with a 15-30-15 fertilizer at 1/2 strength in March-October. Water when the top 1 inch is dry.

Here’s a method another Hortchatter uses to rebloom her kalanchoe:

How to rebloom a Kalanchoe.
It’s easier to do than you think.  After bloom let the plant rest for a month or two watering it as usual only when the soil gets dry. Then there should be a dormant period of sleep for the plant.  So you need to put the plant in very hard conditions which means the following: put it in a very dark place without any light and stop watering.  (I put mine in the bathroom without windows) The tougher conditions for the plant, the better. This period should last for about a month. Don’t worry, the plant shouldn’t die provided it was healthy before being forced into dormancy.  After about a month, check on the plant to see if it has any flower buds. If it does,  take it out to the sun light and care for it as usual – water and fertilize  regularly.  I did this with my plant and it was successful, the plant bloomed for several months.